Hypnos 69 - The Eclectic Measure (2006)

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The Eclectic Measure
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...Here, they move further, further and further away from their heavier stoner jam conventions, sculpting an incredibly melancholic fine-tuned piece of art. While accurate to a certain extent, comparing Hypnos69 to Motorpsycho, King Crimson and Pink Floyd constantly would be unfair and would be doing them an injustice. It is true that all of these bands have a lot in common musically, but upon careful listens, beautiful subtleties emerge on each band's work. They are indeed in their own category. But beware, it might take some time before you encompass the complete beauty of this work... - Peter Brems
"The Eclectic Measure" is based on Carl Jung's "The Seven Sermans to the Dead" The Seven Sermans deal with the self as the androgynous being Abraxas, with the message that self-knowledge may be attained by the conscious assimilation of the contents of the subconscious, in order to achieve unity. It's about the search in life so many people subconsciously feel they have to do, but don't know where or how to start with. It's far from easy to step away from certain 'lifestyle' and rearrange everything you've been doing and thinking since you've been born. The very first rule; such as in art is you have to 'destroy in order to create'. "The Eclectic Measure" is about opposites, poles, equilibrium, the sun and the moon, good and evil, destroy and create. ...When you've walked the path of subconsciousness and counted all the stones on your way you'll find what you've been looking for. Abraxas is in all of us. - Steve Houtmeyers 2006.

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oparin1954 аватар

А ссылки перестали работать

Читал много хороших отзывов, но лучше один раз услышать, чем сто раз прочитать.

на днях на торренте обнаружил этот лось :) ИМХО лучший у них

komario аватар

А на торренте тоже мой и я знал, что мой лось лучший на их торренте

Gebemnot аватар

от спасиб-та, от человечишше! наблагодетельствовал такую прелесть! пойду теперь гордиться, что есть у меня теперь такой знатный лось - и всё благодаря komario!

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